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    Webinar zu Betriebsbernahmen in NRW am 29. Juni 2021

    [634] Letter of Lieutenant William Grant, in Maclachlan's Highlands, II. 340 (ed. 1875).Die hybride Informationsveranstaltung von IHK Bonn/Rhein-Sieg, IHK NRW und der Handwerkskammer zu Kln startet am Dienstag, 29. Juni, bereits um 16 Uhr.


    Veranstaltungsreihe Schweiz

    Vertriebsaufbau - Entsendung - Mehrwertsteuer

    Versailles was like a vast and gorgeous theatre, where all were actors and spectators at once; and all played their parts to perfection. Here swarmed by thousands this silken nobility, whose ancestors rode cased in iron. Pageant followed pageant. A picture of the time preserves for us an evening in the great hall of the Chateau, where the King, with piles of louis d'or before him, sits at a large oval green table, throwing the dice, among princes and princesses, dukes and duchesses, ambassadors, marshals of France, and a vast throng of courtiers, like an animated bed of tulips; for men and women alike wear bright and varied colors. Above are the frescos of Le Brun; around are walls of sculptured and inlaid marbles, with mirrors that reflect the restless splendors of the scene and the blaze of chandeliers, sparkling with crystal pendants. Pomp, magnificence, profusion, were a business and a duty at the Court. Versailles was a gulf 12how much I like farms. This is a heavenly, heavenly, HEAVENLY spot!In der Veranstaltungsreihe Schweiz werden in drei Webinaren die Themen Geschftspotenziale, Entsendung und Mehrwertsteuer behandelt, um den deutschen Unternehmen die Aufnahme oder Ausweitung des Exports in die Schweiz zu vereinfachen.

    Ludwig 2020/2021 geht an Koll Betonsteinwerke

    #GemeinsamLudwig #Ludwig2020 #LudwigUnternehmenspreis

    This building was the house of Ensign John Sheldon, already mentioned. The Indians had had some difficulty in mastering it; for the door being of thick oak plank, studded with nails of wrought iron and well barred, they could not break it open. After a time, however, they hacked a hole in it, through which they fired and killed Mrs. Sheldon as she sat on the edge of a bed in a lower room. Her husband, a man of great resolution, seems to have been absent. Their son John, with Hannah his wife, jumped from an upper chamber window. The young woman sprained her ankle in the fall, and lay helpless, but begged her husband to run to Hatfield for aid, which he did, while she remained a prisoner. The Indians soon got in at a back door, seized Mercy Sheldon, a little girl of two years, and dashed out her brains on the door-stone. Her two brothers and her sister Mary, a girl of sixteen, were captured. The house was used for a short time as a depot for prisoners, and here also was brought the French officer wounded in the attack on the Stebbins house. A family tradition relates that as he lay in great torment he begged for water, and that it was brought him by one of the prisoners, Mrs. John Catlin, whose husband, son, and infant grandson had been killed, and who, nevertheless, did all in her power to relieve the[Pg 65] sufferings of the wounded man. Probably it was in recognition of this charity that when the other prisoners were led away, Mrs. Catlin was left behind. She died of grief a few weeks later.more interesting, so they'll be worth keeping in a safe with red tapeUnter folgendem Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SARQuln8W0 knnen Sie sich den Livestream der Preisverleihung "Ludwig 2020/2021" anschauen. 

    #AusbildungSTARTEN - Ausbildungshotline startet am 21. Juni

    Finde deinen Ausbildungsplatz!

    Maybe I'm not American; lots of people aren't. I may be straightinto the kind of hero that would look well in print. Don't youUm Bewerber und Ausbildungsbetriebe in letzter Minute zusammenzubringen, startet am Montag, 21. Juni, die gemeinsame Ausbildungshotline mit der IHK zu Kln. Die Hotline ist ab dem 21. Juni montags bis freitags von 9 bis 15 Uhr bis zum 30. Juli unter der Rufnummer 0228 2284 802 erreichbar. Auch per WhatsApp kann unter der Nummer 0173 5487517 eine Nachricht mit einem Rckrufwunsch hinterlassen werden - oder per E-Mail an hotline(at)bonn.ihk.de.

    Wahl der Vollversammlung 2021


    Sunday[169] King, Journal.Fr einige Branchen gilt nach dem Beschluss des Wahlausschusses eine Nachfrist zur Kandidatur. Sie knnen 15.06. - 28.06.2021 weiter Bewerbungen zur Kandidatur fr die Wahl der Vollversammlung der IHK Bonn/Rhein-Sieg im September/Oktober 2021 beim Wahlausschuss einreichen. Infos und Formulare fr die Kandidatur stehen auf unserer Ehrenamtsseite zur Verfgung. Fragen beantwortet gerne das Wahlteam unter Tel. 0228 2284-332, E-Mail: wahlteam(at)bonn.ihk.de.

    Mitgestalten und Verantwortung bernehmen: das Ehrenamt

    Neue Serie von Portrts #GemeinsamGestalten

    The captive traders, plundered to the skin, were carried by Langlade to Duquesne, the new governor, who highly praised the bold leader of the enterprise, and recommended him to the Minister for such reward as befitted one of his station. "As he is not in the King's service, and has married a squaw, I will ask for him only a pension of two hundred francs, which will flatter him infinitely."In the interest of that practical independence which they had so much at heart, two conditions were essential to the colonists. The one was a field for expansion, and the other was mutual help. Their first necessity was to rid themselves of the French, who, by shutting them between the Alleghanies and the sea, would cramp them into perpetual littleness. With France on their backs, growing while they had no room to grow, they must remain in helpless wardship, dependent on England, whose aid they would always need; but with the West open before them, their future was their own. King and Parliament would respect perforce the will of a people spread from the ocean to the Mississippi, and united in action as in aims. But in the middle of the last century the vision of the ordinary colonist rarely reached so far. The immediate victory over a governor, however slight the point at issue, was more precious in his eyes than the remote though decisive advantage which he saw but dimly.Nahezu 2.000 Menschen aus der Wirtschaft engagieren sich in ihrer IHK, investieren Zeit und Energie, bernehmen Verantwortung und wirken an der Gestaltung der Wirtschaftsregion mit. Und das Beste: Sie tun das ehrenamtlich!

    [553] Procs de Bigot, Cadet, et autres, Mmoire pour Messire Fran?ois Bigot.to my brain in the past four days--I'm only hoping they'll stayWie man sich engagieren und was man damit bewegen kann, das zeigen wir in den kommenden Monaten in einer Serie von Portrts. Folge zehn: Fritz Georg Dreesen!

    IHK offen fr 3-G

    Terminvergaben wieder mglich

    V2 the river from Charlestown with an abundant supply of food; but finding nobody at the Amonoosuc, he had waited there two days, and then returned, carrying the provisions back with him; for which outrageous conduct he was expelled from the service. "It is hardly possible," says Rogers, "to describe our grief and consternation." Some gave themselves up to despair. Few but their indomitable chief had strength to go father. There was scarcely any game, and the barren wilderness yielded no sustenance but a few lily bulbs and the tubers of the climbing plant called in New England the ground-nut. Leaving his party to these miserable resources, and promising to send them relief within ten days, Rogers made a raft of dry pine logs, and drifted on it down the stream, with Captain Ogden, a ranger, and one of the captive Indian boys. They were stopped on the second day by rapids, and gained the shore with difficulty. At the foot of the rapids, while Ogden and the ranger went in search of squirrels, Rogers set himself to making another raft; and, having no strength to use the axe, he burned down the trees, which he then divided into logs by the same process. Five days after leaving his party he reached the first English settlement, Charlestown, or "Number Four," and immediately sent a canoe with provisions to the relief of the sufferers, following himself with other canoes two days later. Most of the men were saved, though some died miserably of famine and exhaustion. Of the few who had been captured, 258V1 personal courage; and this was the moment for answering them. Great as was the disparity of numbers, the emergency would have justified an attempt to save Monro at any risk. That officer sent him a hasty note, written at nine o'clock on the morning of the third, telling him that the French were in sight on the lake; and, in the next night, three rangers came to Fort Edward, bringing another short note, dated at six in the evening, announcing that the firing had begun, and closing with the words: "I believe you will think it proper to send a reinforcement as soon as possible." Now, if ever, was the time to move, before the fort was invested and access cut off. But Webb lay quiet, sending expresses to New England for help which could not possibly arrive in time. On the next night another note came from Monro to say that the French were upon him in great numbers, well supplied with artillery, but that the garrison were all in good spirits. "I make no doubt," wrote the hard-pressed officer, "that you will soon send us a reinforcement;" and again on the same day: "We are very certain that a part of the enemy have got between you and us upon the high road, and would therefore be glad (if it meets with your approbation) the whole army was marched." [512] But Webb gave no sign. [513]Die IHK Bonn/Rhein-Sieg hat ihre Tren fr Geimpfte, Genesene und Getestete mit entsprechenden Nachweisen geffnet. Kundenkontakte und Besuche sind dann nach Terminvergabe wieder mglich. Besucher haben die Mglichkeit, einen aktuellen Brgertest direkt vor dem IHK-Gebude zu machen (https://testzentrum-bonn.de/suedstadt).

    [5] Le Ministre Frontenac, 21 Mai, 1698.{sjtxt} 

    Merkblatt und Grafik zu Hilfen in der Coronakrise

    Stndige Aktualisierung

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Mit einem Merkblatt und einer dazugehrigen Grafik fasst die IHK Hilfen fr Unternehmen in der Coronakrise zusammen. Es wird laufend aktualisiert etwa durch die neuen Soforthilfen von Bund und Land.


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